What we do

We find magic. We take the spells writers cast with their words and deliver them to readers. Well, we think it’s magic. You may call them poems, short stories, creative non-fiction essays and illustrations. But magic all the same.

Through our printed magazine, live events, and workshops, our mission is to create safe and inclusive publishing spaces for people like you. Whether a reader or a writer, we’re looking out for you. That’s why we pay all creators that are published in the book or work on staff. Exposure is not payment.

We got our start through the Harry Potter fandom. In celebrating a story loved by so many, founder Olivia Dolphin saw a lack of space in communities for people to share their own original work. But we’ve grown from there. While always rooted in our love for pop culture and fandom, we’re also exploring literary spaces and what it means to showcase writers’ best work and authentic experiences.

That’s where the name comes from. Wizards in Space: Spaces made for people to share their magic.

Want to learn more of what we’re looking to publish? (Hint: It’s not just sci-fi/fantasy, despite our wild affection for wizards and space.) Click here.



Olivia Dolphin
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Riley Wackernagel
Art Director and Illustrator

Hannah Rose Katz
Graphic Designer

Cameron Brown
Ari Koontz
Lis Wheeler
Editorial Team